Located on the south of Providencia and the east of Santiago Centro, Ñuñoa is a pleasant city to live in, very safe. As it is a little bit far from metro, it still contains a lot of nice areas with only houses. Some areas are classified by the city due to their historical interest, which avoided the invasion of 20-floor buildings like in Santiago Centro.

Two neighborhoods tend to attract mostly expatriates:

1) The Barrio Italia (also called Santa Isabel), on the north-west of the city, close from metro Santa Isabel. You can find a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as small art galleries, organic shops (very expensive, let’s be honest, that’s not where I would do my weekly shopping).

The neighborhood is very lively during the weekend between 10am and 8pm. This is a place Santiaguinos like to have a walk or have a new brunch on Saturday or Sunday. You can find a few nice bars. However, you will not find so many people partying late during the night although, it is not really the spirit of the area.

2) The surroundings of plaza Ñuñoa (where is located the city hall). Most bars and restaurants are installed near this place. Therefore, living nearby is an interesting idea if you want a quiet area with a few restaurants. A bus can bring you directly on metro line 1 in around 15-20 minutes.

This city allows benefiting from a house with a small garden, at a more affordable price than in one of the upper-class cities of the north-east of Santiago

What type of accommodation can you find here:

Houses and flats, it depends on where you look. The closer you are from a future metro station, the more likely you are to find buildings (and constructions in progress too, be aware). On average, it is cheaper than Providencia. However, most flats will be unfurnished. The Barrio Italia area is protected and therefore contains very few buildings. Near plaza Ñuñoa, you can find a lot more buildings and therefore flats.

Average cost of accommodation in the area

  • 1-bedroom apartment: $250.000 to $350.000
  • 2-bedroom apartment: $320.000 to $560.000
  • 3-bedroom apartment: $370.000 to $650.000
  • Houses: $650.000 to $1,700,000

In the barrio Italia, you will find houses from $800.000 to $2,500,000. A lot of overpriced houses, due to the fact that owners try to transform them into restaurants/shops or bars.

Recommended for

Couples or families looking for a little more space. Especially good for those who work outside of Santiago and want a parking for their car.