Expert advice before buying/selling a property in Chile

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Who is the service for?

Do you own a property that you plan to sell? Or are you considering buying a property? Do you want an independent appraisal before making an offer?

Our Appraisal service is here to help you.

The service

We visit your property and perform an analysis of its physical state. We notably review the below-mentioned criteria, to be able to compare your property with other properties available on the market, as well as past sales

We provide you with a comprehensive study report including past sales in the area where your property is located, and our price estimate.

What are the criteria required to value a property?

  • The area: the bigger your property is, the higher its price will be.
  • The location: if a property is close to a metro, or public transport, it will have a greater value. A property located in a sought after area will also sell at a higher price. Location is therefore essential in the pricing.
  • The layout of rooms: the layout plays an important role in determining the potential use of a property. A poorly arranged property is “losing” square meters. It can sometimes be interesting to break a wall to improve the layout.
  • Orientation and view: a north orientation (the best in the southern hemisphere) provides better brightness. Provided that the view is clear …
  • The number of rooms: with equal area, one extra room can increase the value of your property. The number of rooms determines the interest of a property and the type of persons who will be interested in renting or buying it.
  • The general state of the property: Is it necessary to perform a complete renovation? A simple refresh?
  • The renovations: what have you improved since you bought the property? Some modifications will increase the value of the property, others not.
  • The real estate market: one of the most important criteria for determining the selling price. If you price your property above the market, it will not sell.


  • Put your property on the market at the right price
  • More candidates for the acquisition
  • Reduce the time to sell
  • Detailed report for accurate pricing
  • Increase your chances of selling with the right price and our marketing strategy

Property appraisal service

Interested in getting a property valuation? Leave us your contact details now using the form for a 100% FREE, no obligation consultation.

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