in Santiago and in Chile

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Who is the service for?

The real estate monitoring is designed for investors looking for a property meeting specific criteria (location, profitability, surface area…) and who can wait several weeks or months, or who repeatedly buy the same type of property in order to build a portfolio.

We use the same tools as for a Property Hunting and analyze the properties corresponding to the criteria. Then, we send you the details of relevant properties for your search.

The service

After defining together your search criteria, we shortlist some properties to validate your criteria. Then, we activate your search, which enables us to keep you informed throughout the real estate monitoring period.

Our market monitoring platform allows us to analyze several thousand newly available properties made available online every day.

Then, our team selects the properties according to particular criteria specific to investors, not available on real estate portals, for instance:

  • price per square meter in a given price range
  • price per room lower than a given value
  • level of profitability superior to a minimum rate
  • specific geographic area: within a 1 km radius around a location, within three blocks of the line 1 of the metro, between station A and station B…
  • presence of facilities such as a pool, a terrace…

As soon as a property corresponds to your search, we send you an alert, which allows you to set up a visit if you want.


  • Save time: no need to go online every day to check if a new property corresponds to your search.
  • Access to all properties on the market, and not only to those of a particular real estate agency.
  • Properties corresponding exactly to what you are looking for.

Types of property

The service is available on all types of properties:

  • apartment
  • house
  • building
  • land
  • parking lot
  • offices
  • commercial premise
  • industrial site
  • hotel

NB: some indicators such as profitability require a data base of comparable properties, which is not always possible for some categories of properties or geographic area.


Step by step

We define together areas and search criteria

As soon as our system identifies an interesting property, we analyze it and send you an e-mail with its features.

We visit the properties with you or for you (virtual tour with photos and/or videos).

We help you for the drafting of the contract and coordinate the next steps (contract signing, registration).

Real estate monitoring in Santiago and in Chile

Bretagne Propiedades offers you a tailor-made real estate monitoring service, to identify a specific property. For more information, leave us your contact details now using the form for a 100% FREE, no obligation consultation.

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Examples of real estate monitoring

Houses for investor
Search for houses with 5 bedrooms or more, within 2 blocks of a college, to convert it in a student residence.

House in Vitacura
Client willing to buy a house in Vitacura, with a budget of 21,000 UF maximum, 4 bedrooms, close to a park.