Shopping areas in Santiago, Chile: the right location for your business

Being the capital of Chile, the city of Santiago is nowadays very westernized. Consumption habits are also quite similar to those of North Americans, with many malls bringing together in one place all services. This has the effect of creating commercial hubs in or near which it may be interesting to establish a shop.

We present several shopping malls located in the north-east of the city, which are therefore mostly designed for the upper class and expatriates. Each shopping mall is detailed in order to help you in your decision process. It exists tens of others malls in Santiago and if your objective is to target local people or another category of the inhabitant, contact us and we will study, for you, the best place for your project.

Note: Establishing a shop in a mall have many constraints that you do not have when renting a property outside a mall:

  • malls administrators often impose a variable rent with a fixed minimum base, and a percentage of the sales as soon as the sales exceed a certain amount,
  • furthermore, the openings hours are most of time imposed by the mall,
  • shops are required to always have someone attending clients, and you get fined if an administrator sees your shop empty, even early during the morning.

Having a shop inside a mall is a real source of clients, yet the flow of clients generated by this type of infrastructure is also beneficial to the whole neighborhood. Therefore, it may be interesting, in some cases, to consider establishing close to a mall rather than inside.



The urbanization process of Providencia mainly occured in the 70s and 80s, when the concept of big malls did not exist. Therefore, one can find in this area several medium-size shopping malls from 30 to 100 small shops (such as hairdresser, florist, computer repair center…). Only one mall stands out from the crowd thanks to its size and the quality of service, which we detail below.

Costanera Center

Santiago does not count many skyscrapers but the Costanera Center does not go unnoticed. Being the highest tower of South America, it dominates the city with its 303 meters. Located in the heart of Providencia, this enormous shopping mall is composed of a cinema complex, a 15,000 m² Jumbo hypermarket,  as well as hundreds of shops. An observation deck located on the 31st floor of the tower allows to enjoy a panoramic view of Santiago. Opened in 2012, the Costanera Center offers a better shopping experience than any other mall in Providencia.


Las Condes

Las Condes includes many residential districts mostly composed of buildings. The municipality made the choice to concentrate most of the services in several large malls, which offer everything in the same place.

We detail below the three mains malls:

Alto Las Condes

Shopping mall opened in 1993 in the north-east part of Las Condes, the Alto Las Condes mall features around 200 shops, two food courts (a fast-food area and a “restaurants” area), cinemas, a medical center and a Jumbo supermarket.

Parque Arauco

The Parque Arauco is located along Kennedy avenue, which separates the municipalities of Las Condes and Vitacura. It is one of the first shopping malls of the city, opened in 1982.

Mall Sport

Specialized in sports-related shops and brands, this shopping center located in the municipality of Las Condes is the ideal place for seasoned sportsmen or beginners looking for sports equipment. You will find a kart track and a pool generating artificial waves.


Lo Barnechea

Portal La Dehesa

Opened in 2002, the mall offers 2,500 parking places, 120 shops, a Jumbo hypermarket, a complex with 8 cinemas and a medical center on the third floor of the building.



Vitacura has few big malls. This is due to the fact that the municipality in mainly composed of houses and therefore the density of population is limited. Therefore, the shops are distributed all over the municipality in small shopping areas of 4-5 shops, rather than concentrated in a single area.

During the recent years, the attractiveness of the area led to the construction of residential buildings and to an increase of the density, which makes interesting the construction or larger malls.

Casa Costanera

Near Alonso de Cordova street, in one of the wealthy neighborhoods of Vitacura, the Casa Costanera mall opened its doors in 2015. This mall has a size of more than 60,000 m² and consists of 3 cinemas, 85 shops, a hotel and a gastronomic area. The Casa Costanera affirms its upmarket positioning through the available brands and shopping experience that it offers. The shopping mall also provides childcare and concierge services.

Lo Castillo

Lo Castillo sector, located along the Vitacura avenue, is composed of a commercial gallery, a Jumbo supermarket, as well as a square with many restaurants and cafés (Paseo El Mañío). This generates an important flow of customers and this zone could be interesting to consider.

Los Cobres de Vitacura

Shopping mall created during the 80s, Los Cobres de Vitacura is a small mall that has not been refurbished since its creation. It is therefore a bit outdated. contains mainly service shops (hairdresser, laundry service, bookstore, small fashion shops) designed for the residents of the district. Rent is affordable and most customers come regularly. You should consider this mall if you want to develop a convenient store, a bakery…


La Reina

La Reina is a very residential municipality. There is a limited number of buildings and mainly houses. Generally, the new constructions are gated communities of 10 to 30 houses. There are mostly Chileans living in La Reina. Indeed, there is no international college in this area, so few expatriates settle there.

Like Las Condes, commercial areas are mainly organized in large commercial complexes with a hypermarket, a hardware store, a shopping mall with some cafés and restaurants.

Portal La Reina

Located in the municipality of La Reina, south of Las Condes, the Portal La Reina is a small mall. The Jumbo hypermarket is implemented in the center of the building. This mall also features fifty stores, including the French sport brand Decathlon, which opened its first store in Chile here in 2018.



Quilicura is located a few kilometers north of Santiago. The municipality focused on attracting outlet stores of the major fashion brands. The Buenaventura area, ideally located between the Road 5 (Panamerica Norte) and the Road 57 (General San Martin), more precisely close to San Ignacio Street, features tens of outlet stores such as Nike, Adidas or even Esprit. Therefore, this zone is strategic and attractive to open stores if you plan to sell products at discounted prices.

Some malls present in the zone:


Our recommendation

The choice of the location for a business is a strategic issue. A commercial space in a central street could be a good choice, but a location in a mall, even far away from the city center, can be just as beneficial because of the traffic generated by the mall. Furthermore, the winter in Santiago can be particularly cold, and streets are empty while the shopping malls have a more stable flow of clients.

Due to this hyper-concentration of shops in the malls, an interesting business idea could be to create small convenience stores in remote areas of Las Condes. For example, you could transform an old house located near the intersection of two busy streets in a shop for the residents of the neighborhood.

For more information on a specific street, district or municipality, contact us so that we can provide you with a personalized study.