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Who is the service for?

Our Real Estate Monitoring service is designed for companies who look for a property corresponding to specific criteria and do not have a deadline. For instance: restaurants/shops willing to open an other point of sales, companies willing to move and/or expand.

We use the same tools as for a Property Hunting and analyze the properties corresponding to your criteria. Then, we send you the details of relevant properties for your search.

So, what’s the difference between both services?

Property Hunting is for companies willing to quickly move forward. On the contrary, when we implement a Real Estate monitoring, it is usually because you can not find the property you need. We can monitoring all websites during weeks or months, until we find the property that perfectly fits your requirements.

The service

Based on your search criteria, we preselect for you some properties to review, in order to validate these criteria. Once we have precisely defined your needs, we activate our search platform, which allows us to keep you informed during the entire property monitoring period.

Our market monitoring platform allows us to analyze several thousands newly available properties online every day. Our team then selects the properties according to particular criteria specific to companies, not available on real estate portals, for instance:

  • extremely precise selection, at the neighborhood level, or even at the street level, to select for example only properties located on large avenues
  • definition of negative zones, such as: all a commune, except a particular district or street…
  • price per square meter below a given value
  • presence of specific equipment or infrastructure nearby

As soon as a property corresponds to your search, you receive an alert by email, which allows you to review it yourself and request a visit.


  • Save time: no need to review real estate portals every day to check if a property fits your needs
  • Access to all the properties of the market thanks to our partner agencies, and not only those of a single real estate agency
  • Properties exactly matching your search
  • An english-speaking partner who knows the market

Types of property

Our service is available on all types of properties.

  • building,
  • office,
  • commercial premises,
  • industrial site or warehouse, factory,
  • hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar.

Step by step

We define together the area and search criteria: price, type and features of property…

As soon as our system identifies an interesting property we analyze it and send you an email with its characteristics if relevant to your search.

We visit the properties with you or for you (virtual tour with photos and/or videos).

We coordinate the signature with the involved actors (lawyers, banks, notaries) and the inventory when you receive the property keys.

Real estate monitoring in Santiago and in Chile

Bretagne Propiedades offers you a tailor-made real estate monitoring service, to identify a specific property. For more information, leave us your contact details now using the form for a 100% FREE, no obligation consultation.

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