Real estate consulting to help you establish in Chile

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Who is the service for?

Do you want to to establish in Chile? Are you considering an acquisition, or opening a new point of sales? Do you want to check the different aspects of your project with a specialist of the local real estate market?

Our Market Study service is for you. It is aimed at companies looking for an analysis of the feasibility of their project regarding different aspects:

  1. from a real estate point of view
    • Location analysis: what’s the best area to establish your local subsidiary
    • Estimation of the required budget according to your criteria
    • Review of documentation to provide for the execution of your project
  2. from a legal / regulatory point of view
    • Authorizations and licenses needed for your project
    • Building permits required
    • Land-use modification if needed

The service

After defining together the scope of the study, we present you our research methodology, and the different options possible for your study.

Once the methodology is validated, we start the study, at the end of which we send you a complete report including the answers to the questions asked and our recommendations.

Why use our services?

Being one of the few real estate consultancy services in Santiago focused on international clients, we are used to the issues faced by our clients, such as: finding a property with a certain quality standard, opening a bank account, convincing a Chilean landlord of the reliability as a tenant of a foreign company recently created…

It can be frustrating to try closing an operation in a real estate market without having a clear understanding of the rules and subtleties. One of our priorities during the market study is to supply you with all information you need to decide without making mistake, both from a real estate and legal point of view. We also review the operational aspects (modification/improvement of the property, power/gas/water supplies sufficient for your project).


  • Save time: you quickly get a feedback on the feasibility of your project and the possible options
  • Analysis of your criteria and advice on your search
  • Answers to your questions on wealth management or tax

Types of property

This is a tailor-made service, so any type of properties can be reviewed. It mostly depends on your request, investment objective and criteria. Contact us for more information.


Real estate market study in Chile

Do you have questions about real estate in Chile? Do you wonder about the feasibility of a project? Do you have a given budget and want to know the best options according to your objective? Bretagne Propiedades offers you a tailor-made market research service. For more information, leave us your contact details now using the form for a 100% FREE, no obligation consultation.

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