Chile real estate: an overview

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Where to Buy Real Estate in Chile


Nestled in the Andes, Santiago is one of South America’s most enchanting cities. You can stroll through parks and gardens and munch the warm honey-roasted peanuts sold on the street. Although it’s city of 5 million, it has a small-town feel. Santiago doesn’t rush.

Santiago juxtaposes classical colonial architecture with modern high-rises and manages to blend the two. For example, the cathedral in Plaza de Armas is across the street from a 48-story glass office building—the skyscraper reflecting the image of the church.

From here it’s only 90 minutes to the sandy beaches of the Pacific, the slopes of the Andes—with the most affordable ski holiday this side of the Rockies—or a wine tour of the vineyards. In the city itself, don’t miss the chaos of Plaza de Armas, a seafood meal at the Mercado Central, or a shopping spree in Bella Artes. Pablo Neruda’s house, definitely worth a visit, is open to the public, and San Cristobal Hill is in the same area.

Property samples in Santiago:

  • A 377-square-foot apartment. This remodeled apartment is located in the center of Santiago and has two bedrooms, mountain views, and an American-style kitchen. Price: $52,000.
  • This huge top-floor 1,830-square-foot three-bedroom apartment has a spacious living-dining area, two bathrooms, California-style closets, an American-style kitchen, and parking. Price: $378,290.

Chile’s Lake District

With its wild beauty and seemingly endless, wide-open spaces, Chile’s Lake District conveys a sense that you’ve found the last perfect place at the far end of the world. If you want to “get away from it all,” there is no better place than here. And it offers one of the most First-World lifestyles in Latin America. 
First settled by German immigrants in the mid-19th century, the Germanic influence here is still strong.

Many locals throughout the region have at least one Germanic surname, building styles tend toward the Swiss-chalet look, and much of the cuisine has Germanic roots…from fresh-baked whole-grain breads to creamery butter and cheeses.

The tiny resort town of Puerto Varas looks as though it’s been transported straight from Bavaria, or Switzerland, or possibly from Maine or New Hampshire. The climate feels similar—hazy, cool mornings but with sunny, mild afternoons in the 60s F. The terrain is familiar, too, with rolling, green hills and a mountain backdrop. A popular vacation town, Puerto Varas is attracting expats. As much as 30% of the population is foreign, primarily from Germany and the U.S.

Property samples in Puerto Varas:

  • A modern 1,291 square-foot house in Puerto Varas with four bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), kitchen-living area, and a garden. Price: $220,935.
  • A 1,722 square-foot house set in 50,000 square-foot of land outside Puerto Varas. The property has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, entrance hall, living room, kitchen, terrace, and cellar. Price: $239,683.

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